January 8, 2009

Shit days...and curse words

**be warned I'm in a bad mood - there will be swear words kids -
January 8th. I hate January 8th. The only good thing that ever happened on January 8th was my mom, with the possible exception of Kara's mom who also was born on January 8th. It's just one of those days that my mom and I expect for bad things to happen. I've missed the bus, missed class, been late for work, Kate left, and now mom is in a very uncomfortable meeting with someone that I have come to despise. It's like nothing good can happen on January 8th. I have no idea what's going on in her meeting and it feels like I'm going to puke because of it. Fucking January 8th - what a crock! Something good might be happening or something bad. I have no idea. This isn't anything that's any of my business either. I mean it's not like the world will end even if it's bad news, but come on, it's my mom's birthday. No she's not dying and yeah it will be fine in the end, but why do the most annoying people have to interrupt her birthday. She wanted to skip it this year and I said no...maybe that was a mistake...so I took care of everything but dinner and cake yesterday. This way it's only kind of her birthday. In other news I've come to realize that I only use this blog to vent. Oh well, it's my blog and I'll bitch if I want to...So today has just been a shit day all around. I'm not loving our clients, really not loving who we office share with, and pissed that people have to rain on my mom's birthday parade. The chick that we office share with has been extra annoying lately. She likes to wait until I look like I'm doing something (which it frequently does b/c I am constantly staring at the computer) and then come into my office and sit down. After she sits she proceeds to tell me all about why her criminal clients got the shit end of the stick. I'm supposed to be nice, but one of these days I swear I'm going to have a Jim Carey moment and tell her to just say "Quit breaking the law asshole" - and that will be the end of it. She represents criminals for shit's sake. I mean what the hell does she expect. They break the law over and over again because she keeps getting them off (okay well sometimes she gets them off). GAWD I hate stupid people...I was late for work today - as usual - only to come in and have my mom tell me we get to see 2 super annoying people today - oh yay! NOT! Then I'm here and I'm talking to my mom and start to cry (for those of you who don't know - I'm NOT a crier). I hate crying and I did it twice today. Fine, fine - I quit being a baby and mom goes to court. Then I'm frantically looking for the answer to my questions on line (never did find one anyway, but that the government for you). So finally I go to lunch and now I'm just really pissy. Hey though I didn't have to wait long to get mom and I lunch and Baskin Robbins made a really nice cake for her b-day so there's a plus. Then I get to Target and read a b-day card for her and it starts to make me cry again - srsly wtf - are my tear ducts broken, did I spring a leak? Fine whatever...got back from lunch, made mom cry and was informed that another annoying asshole was also coming in today and that Kara's mom was having a shitty b-day too. WTF -- when it rains it pours...ahhhhhhh!

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S&J Jones Family said...

I'm so sorry Jan 8th was bad for you all! I hope today is better. Sometimes people just need to cry and I hope it made you feel better. Baskin Robins sounds wonderful right now...I'm really hungry.