January 20, 2009

New President

Okay - sorry Republican friends, but srsly had to...I'm just too moved...

So I've been following the Inauguration off and on all day and I have to say -- It is AMAZING.
Not just because I voted for Obama, but because we as a country have come so far in past 40 years. We as a country have our first African American president. A FIRST for us. A beautiful, amazing, inspiring, historical first. Whether you are a democrat or republican you have to agree that you weren't sure you would ever see the day that we didn't elect a WHITE MAN to office. I mean I was absolutely positive that it would happen in my lifetime (because I'm enthusiastic like that), but I wasn't sure my mom would get to see what her generation (and the generation before that) fought so hard to achieve. It's fun to find myself caught up in the moment. Never have I ever watched so closely a President of the United States be sworn into office. I watched his speech with my mom - the person who taught me how truly meaningful it is for our country to have just sworn this man into office (thanks mom). This man who is African American, in this very moment in time. This moment she thought she would never see. My mom was born in 1950. She saw what John F. Kennedy started in his presidency and Lyndon B Johnson followed through with. She saw Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks fight, she saw desegregation efforts. She saw as the government passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. She saw Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech and more than that she too saw his dream. She was young and white, but poor and compationate. She knew our country need a change then. She was elated to see the change and saddened by the deaths of JFK and MLK, Jr. And today of all days my mother cried at the huge step that we as a country have taken toward equal rights. Today she got to see what a generation of people thought they would only dream about happen. I got to see her dreams come true. I got to see the stories she told me make a difference and allow us to elect this very intellegent, capable man to office regardless of the color of his skin. As MLK, Jr. said "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Well, Dr. King, I do believe we just got one step closer.

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