December 2, 2008

It's snowing...therefore I feel Christmas is upon us...FINALLY!

It is with that in mind that I post this blog.

I love the Christmas season. I think it's magical...even if that's a bit cheesy. I love the snow, the hot cocoa, the sleds, the lights, Santa, the movies, the trees, the blankets, the cuddles, the clothes, the candy canes, and I love what the season is supposed to stand for even though it seems to be more and more rare these days. I love Christmas all the way up until everyone starts talking about the same ol' same ol' crap of Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or what am I going to get? It sucks the fun right out of it. I don't mind that people are excited about their gifts, but instead of thinking about what they could be giving they are just thinking about what they are getting. Now I may or may not have anything to open on Christmas (I got my gift from my mom way early and other family just gives them out do I). That being said, I will probably wrap my early gift just so I don't have to be sad about being alone on Christmas morning. I know it's weird after all I just said about gifts, but it's the little kid in me, which is why I don't judge for wanting gifts (but can't you think of what to give, too?). However, to me Christmas is mostly about love, family, faith, new hope, giving, joy, and kindness. I try (and several people I know) to be extra better at this time of year. I try to be all the things I wish I could be all the time: funny, compassionate, energetic, giving, selfless, etc. I try to be more spiritual, traditional, and overall more kind. Did I mention I love Christmas when it's snowy and cold? It just doesn't seem like Christmas here unless there is's one of the only times I truly appreciate Montana. I sometimes wonder what Christmas means to other people...feel free to comment on this one for sure. Also, if anyone Jewish reads this, does it seriously bother you if I say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays? 'Cause I'm telling ya I don't care what people say in regards to that Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, whatever is fine with me as long as they're nice.

Anyway the point to this blog was that as I was thinking about all the Christmas things I was narrowing my list down to the people I absolutely want to do something looks like this Kara, Ana, Kendrick, Bailey, Brother, Mom, Dad, Other mom, Gramma, Sister and her kids. Pretty short list, right? Then I realize I should do something for Shelley, Mitchell, my sponsored child, and my friend Lynna who is overseas in Afghanistan and won't be home for Christmas. I also want to donate several toys to "Toys for Tots." So that is why I am sharing the this next link. In trying to figure out what I can get for different people I came across this site that I thought I would share: 101 Great Gifts to Make - some pretty good ideas. Some of the ideas are awesome and I know I would love getting them from someone. However, if you have other links or ideas I am always up for more options.

Oh and let me be one of the first to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"


Stacy & Matthew said...

WONDERFUL post Jess! I totally agree with everything you said. I love this time of year and I agree it makes it even better with snow! Matt and I were actually hoping for snow on Thanksgiving. I think I have been more in tune with Christmas this year than any year before. I watch so many Christmas shows/movies and I get teary eyed at them all and the Christmas spirit overwhelms me. Thanks for the post and I want to tell you as well Merry Christmas and thanks for your friendship!

Anonymous said...

I love this! I wish it would snow here. I know what you mean about feeling maybe a little lonely at Christmas as far as family gatherings being smaller...I hate that my family isn't more accepting of us, I do miss them, especially on the holidays. Makes me wish I could give compassion and acceptance as gifts. Christmas to me is the most magical holiday ever. Doesn't matter what religion or what beliefs. You have to be in a really dark place to not feel a little fuzzy in your heart at this time of year. We bought toys and donated to toys for tots. I also found a charity called be a Santa to a Senior that I am giving to. I also got Maria and my aunt to donate as my present from them. They are very poor, some requested toliet paper. It makes me feel more humble and grateful for what I do have which is hard to remember in these tougher times. Great blog. Thanks for sharing!

Rhaingel said...

Merry Christmas, too. Being still on school, Christmas for me is a break from school with a lot of good emotions triggered by being idle. However, I still believe that Christmas is the moment when the whole world seems to be at peace and united. It makes me nothing but amazed to find out that during the Christmas season, people remember the value of sharing and sacrificing. (sigh) I do wish that Christmas happens everyday.

Anyway, that was a nice post you put up. Keep it up! :)