May 12, 2010

another emotion filled post

somewhere else today...because no one wants to read my incessant whining all the time

It's HERE if you're interested...

Thanks all!


Also Lilu - I'm absolutely serious...swing by Montana in route to Vegas and I'll get you absolutely piss ass drunk :)

May 6, 2010

LTML - May 6th, 2010

Dear person who is sitting in the waiting room,
MAKE A FUCKING APPOINTMENT...I HATE HATE HATE when people just "pop in". I don't care that you've called 5000 times (and yes it is annoying when you do that). Make a fucking appointment and she'll talk to you, otherwise, your mostly shit out of fucking luck! YOU are NOT the center of our universe!
Pissed of Assistant

Dear Boss,
Are you trying to get me to quit? I mean seriously? Also, quit doing your own fucking scheduling - you SUCK at it. Seriously.
I wish the grad school would accept me already

Dear Grad School,
HELP! I'm drowning! You are my out! Just please accept me. I REALLY REALLY want to go to your school. I really want to be a social worker who goes into private practice. I love you all - you are awesome! I can't wait!
The girl who hopes that kissing your ass even karmicly (new word - yay) speaking works

Dear Montana weather, seriously. this is not longer love-hate. It's moved in to just plain detesting...what can I are driving me batshit crazy. REALLY?? Snow? In May? YUCKO! I was just fishing like 2 weeks ago...
Seriously WTH,
Hater of the spring snow storms

Dear Pister,
Sorry my new blog thing was confusing. K and I are full of random. An explanation would have been good. My bad
The good Pister :)

Dear Stewie,
I totally heart you. Thank you for telling your sister that you think that I'm a neat person. Right back atcha!

Dear K/Summit,
I have a blog here that I'm where I vent...and here with you! WTF am I thinking...I can't even keep up with one! But I'm super excited to blog together anyway!

Dear LiLu,
You're still the shit! Thanks for commenting all the time. I really do owe you a drink!
The ower of the drinks

Dear Hillbilly Duhn,
IDK you, but you follow 2 out of 3...which makes you a winner :) I love your hilarious antics. You and LiLu are 2 of my favorites!
I probably owe you a drink too

Dear other followers,
Sorry I suck...I would probably write more but I have 3 blogs and still nothing to say. Also, I'm not funny in writing...that's also shitty for you. But thanks for the follow anyway!
My bad,
I'm serious about you coming to Montana for a beer

Holy Shiz...

I can't think of anything to write on the 2 blogs I already have so what did I do? Started a new one with a friend! It's gonna be an interesting ride...thanks for asking me along K!

Check it out HERE

Thanks yo!