December 8, 2009

haha...fml December 8th...

Dear Blog reading and potential writing self,
You were doing so well there you dill fuck...what happened? Where'd ya go?
Love, The person who used to read all the "good blogs" everyday

Dear Bloglanders,
Sorry I haven't been commenting or writing...I suck....My bad!
Yours, The girl who still owes each of you a beer

Dear 3 year old Pontiac,
Fuck you and your fucking battery you whiny piece of shit. I hate you right now...just start mother fucker.
Truly, The girl who is going to drive you off a cliff

Dear Mitchell,
You're my hero...thanks for dealing with my car, I still won't marry you.
Always, The bitch who probably doesn't deserve a friend like you

Dear Pister,
Hope you get that job. Glad the assholes at the insurance company finally let you go. Fuck them - they can fist themselves.
Sincerely, ME - duh

Dear below zero weather,
I hate you, but if you were going to come you couldn't have picked a funnier time to do so...All those Palin book waiters are batshit crazy.
Loving you for once, The girl who ISN'T going to wait in this weather for Sarah fuckin' Palin

Dear People in line a borders,'re all fucking crazy! Hope you had fun waiting for you 30 seconds with a moron.
Not yours, thankfully, The girl who thinks Sarah Palin is completely full of shit

Dear Sarah Palin,
Fuck you.
Also not yours truly, Jesse (aka girl who wishes you would just go away for good)


Travis said...

Well, you can't win em all I don't guess.


i am following you based solely on the name of your blog. i like it.

JKFriesz said...

Bahahahahahahahaha! Thanks Pister, I love you too!