November 8, 2010

Good weekend....bad thoughts...

Well the "family" or part of it went to Chico this weekend...while it was a fun weekend it brought up a lot of "stuff". While bringing up "stuff" wouldn't normally be a problem I'm in school...for social work...where they want us to get in touch with our touchy

I know that everyone here needs to be able to deal with their shit, but come on...really? You have to bring that shit up in class?

Whatever, it's not just that...Seasonal depression hits about this time every year. I need a beach, a cocktail and a little friggin sunshine.

Not to mention the drama going on around me. I think I'm one of those people that doesn't have enough drama in her own life so everyone else feels a need to pull me into theirs.

AND what is with everyone's shitty attitudes toward me? I'm trying to fucking help...if you don't want my help - QUIT ASKING ME WHAT TO DO! Don't talk to me about your shit....I'm going to have to go into hibernation mode...SHIT

This post is fragmented because, well, I'm pretty fragmented these days...I want my mama Kate...ugh

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