June 9, 2010

My Incredible Niece...

So I haven't been on here to blog much lately...I never do because I have no life and therefore nothing to write about...HOWEVER I was just in Houston, TexasS a couple of weeks ago for the graduation ceremony (in Oklahoma) of one absolutely, positively incredible young woman. That feels weird to type because in my head she's still a little girl that signs her letters "Your Pal, Brittany". My little Brittany Ann graduated from high school.

Here is a short list of a FEW things that make her so incredible (I mean shit people I could go on for days about how amazing my sister and all of her kids are):
1. She's just like her mom (my amazing sister...whom I ADORE)
2. She cares about other people's feelings
3. She loves her Auntie very much -- which also means she has good taste :)
4. She is willing to give up her room, her privacy, her peace and quiet while people are staying with them
5. She was National Honor Society, Valedictorian, and got Beta chords - I'm way more than just a little proud
6. She's smart...like really smart
7. She's good at math
8. She wants to be a Doctor
9. That is after she gets an Engineering Degree
10. She's compassionate
11. She's beautiful (and I'm not just saying so because I'm her Aunt...seriously - kid is gorgeous)
12. She chose moving with her parents and staying together as a family over staying in OK with her friends for her last semester of HS AND she took it VERY VERY well
13. She loves her brother and sister both a lot...and tries to get along with them. I can't say the same for my brother cuz dude's irritatin'
14. She's close with both of her parents
15. She doesn't party even a little and is SO NOT your typical HS student
16. She's never really gotten into trouble
17. She's fun to be around
18. She has wicked wide range tastes in music - much like myself...music sharing anyone!?!
19. She's funny
20. She's my baby niece, my little Brittany and honestly - that is enough

So Brit - I want you to remember...you can do ANYTHING baby girl. You are always enough just the way you are. Don't do anything you aren't ready to do and don't do anything that you aren't ready to deal with ANY consequence that comes out of that action. Don't rely on others to make you happy. Your family is always here. Always. I am just a phone call and a plane ride away should you need me to be there. I am always here to talk no matter what time: day or night. You are an extraordinary young woman and I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that you will be an extraordinary woman for the rest of forever. My very short list doesn't do you a bit of justice...it could be so much longer...but everything there is true. And most of all I love you more than any words can possibly say. You are my little Brittany even though you're not so little anymore (although you are kinda short :P) and you ALWAYS will be, sweet girl.

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