April 1, 2009

The shit show called my illness...

So is it just me or do doctors not seem to care what you tell them? I hate doctors and now I'm remembering why. I went to the doctor he ran a bunch of tests, put me on some really really expensive medication, and now is like well keep taking the medication even if it's making things worse. It's giving me nightmares, insomnia, and making the nausea I've had worse. I talked to his nurse and asked if there is a reason they have me on an acid reducer and she was like well it doesn't really say and that the doctor said that if I didn't want to take it I didn't have to. So my question is why did they even bother to put me on that after my endoscopy -- wouldn't they have seen if my stomach was making excess acid?? Maybe I wouldn't be so confused if ANYONE there could explain the results to me. So now I still feel like crap - have spent thousands of dollars I don't have - and still have no answers - yay me...I have a call into my regular physician who is actually a PA not a DR but at least she's semi-helpful and willing to listen to me!

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